Twig Mirror, small

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Twig Mirror?  The name says it all.  In this case, the 'twigs' are made of randomly bent steel with small discs welded on for interest.  We sand the surrounding frame to a bright silver colour, then darken the twigs with heat to a contrasting deep grey/blue tone.  The mirror hangs from a sturdy sawtooth at the back. As we bend the twigs each individually, the details will be similar, but not exactly as pictured.

The outside of frame measures approximately 22" x 12". 

This mirror is made of carbon steel.  While the clear-coat finish on it will protect the steel, we don't recommend it be used in damp locations such as a bathroom. (powder rooms are fine.). Cleaning, if needed, should be with a damp cloth, not corrosive cleaning fluids.

We ship all our mirrors with the glass wrapped up separately. This means there is no breakage in shipping!  Assembly is as easy as sliding the glass into the frame and securing with the spring clips we provide.  This way, if someday you accidently break the glass, it is easy to repair. And if you don't want to dust all those crevices with a Q-tip, just slide the mirror out, give it a good cleaning and re-assemble. Easy!

We create this mirror in our own studio here and have frequently made it to order in other sizes.  Let us know if you are interested in a custom sized quote!