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Maymeep Studio

One could definitely argue that Peggy Sue is much like the characters she creates in is how she describes her work...

"Maymeep is a word I made up as a child which meant I was having fun. The process of putting these creatures together is just about the most Maymeep I have ever experienced!

I’m a lifelong art junkie, animal lover and color freak; these critters are the natural amalgam of my interests. . Animals can be any color, pattern or texture that appeals to me. Rules? Not interested. The "why nots", "what ifs" and "let’s see" are my visual candy.

One I've turned a lump of clay into a large hollow form, I begin to see the creature it becomes. After firing, their metal bits are added. My husband and I started naming the pieces instead of using inventory numbers(boring). We do not give them their names until completed, as we can only truly see who they are when finished. A cocktail during naming is infinitely helpful!

Using discarded machinery yields a treasure trove of metal bits that give my pieces their final quirky twist. Anything can become something - you just have to be willing to have some fun…."

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