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Metallic Evolution

Whew, John and Heather have been busy!  Aside from being the owners of Stӱll, they are also the husband and wife team who are the sole designers and makers of this extensive body of work known as Metallic Evolution.   Who knew when John gave Heather a welder for a birthday present that it would evolve into all this?  After 25 plus years, they still enjoy the process of bringing a new design to life in steel.

John and Heather's backgrounds in custom wood cabinets and costume design have served them well in developing the design and practical skills needed to create in this medium.  Both  are “tool junkies” and have kitted out the workshop with a wide variety of metal and woodworking equipment. This has allowed them to continue to expand the scope and style of work they do. From large custom wall sculptures to easy-to-ship clocks and mirrors, to serving utensils and jewelry, they are continually adding new designs into the mix. Top it off with one of a kind wood and steel tables, and you have Metallic Evolution. 

A visit to Stӱll will also bring you to the location of the metal studio, right on the same grounds. Below is a sampling of the work available for sale. Visit Metallic Evolution online to shop online for the entire collection.

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