Dog Bite Steel

JP Schoss is passionate about recycling and believes that garbage is the best place to start! A graduate from the Ontario College of Art in 1990 for metal, jewelry and glass, he first began his craft using old propane tanks to save on the cost of steel, but soon realized that reusing these objects was much more than that.

β€œThe material has a lot of character and always tells a life story. I sometimes drag things out of the ditches, and then the earth feels better! People often bring me all sorts of things – old tools, farm implements, pieces that have layers of paint from past lives. I never see just a steel object. I see the new life waiting to come out of it.”

The resulting work is primitive, balanced and often very humorous. JP works out of his home studio in Uxbridge, ON.

Care Instructions: To preserve the paint surface spray with a clear urethane such as Tremclad a few times a year, bringing sculptures in for the winter helps extend the paint color, spray bottoms of sculptures to protect surfaces

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