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Nettles Jewelry

Nettles Jewelry is a passionately green company offering nature-themed pendants and earrings for people who love birds, butterflies, and creatures of the forest and sea. Nettles Jewelry opened it's studio doors in 2007. A former costume designer who studies arts in London, specialized in surface design and millinery work, Alysse now creates rustic wearable art in the form of jewellery.

Her work is influenced by hikes, bird songs, flea markets, world travel, and fueled by her own natural curiosity and a love of animals. She creates her images in layers that include goodies like vintage animal paintings, old french lace, star charts and music sheets. 

This unique jewellery is not only earth inspired, but earth friendly. Alysse believes in creating beautiful things from upcycled materials such as old window glass, mirrors and vintage candy tins.

Alysse works out of her studio in Oregon.

Care Instructions: Clean using glass cleaner on a paper towel or soft cloth, do not submerge in water

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