Barrick Candles

Barrick Design began in 1970 when Rick Faulkner and his father, Dick Faulkner, began making candles in Lancaster, PA. From the beginning they were not satisfied with the ordinary. Today Rick continues that tradition. His philosophy is that objects in our lives should be functional and beautiful. These candles were designed to be lit! Barrick has developed a blend of high-grade paraffin waxes, which stand up to relatively high temperatures without slumping. The candles burn cleanly and for a surprisingly long time.  The signature crackle appearance in the wax shows through as the candle burns down.

Care Instructions:  When burning a set of candles, separate each candle in the group by several inches.  This will prevent the heat from a lower candle affecting the burning of the others. Be sure to use the candles on a sturdy and fireproof surface and avoid drafts. The biggest cause of dripping with a high quality candle is from a draft. If you observe any smoke from the candles while burning, the wick needs to be trimmed shorter.

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