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Terra Cottage

Michael Terra places humor and strange insight into his art. Currently traveling through life as the “Mud Poet,” he combines original writing with ceramic sculpture to amplify the emotional impact of his work. All of his art incorporates an element of storytelling. He says. “I hope my art will become even more emotionally engaging and make people feel ‘opened’ by their interactions with it.”

Although Terra’s formal education is in “things like biophysics and psychology,” his interest in ceramics began with a girl. She was a ceramics major and, while he hung out waiting for her to finish her work, he started “goofing around with the medium” himself and discovered his true career path. Michael creates out of his studio in Paducah, KY.

Care Instructions: though dishwasher safe, hand washing is a great way to prolong the beauty of handmade pottery, not oven safe

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