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Kiku Handmade Glass

A self-taught artisan, Laurie Freivogel began with fused glass in 2004 when she bought herself a small kiln, some books and glass, and began experimenting.  

“I approach the design of each new piece, looking to strike a visual balance with the nature of glass: color, translucence, light and depth. While my work is very graphic, I'm a practical girl so most of my pieces are as functional as they are pretty.  

I am always in awe of how humble experimentation can make a person, and learning (and failing) makes me a better artist.  When I'm not making glass, you might find me sewing, knitting, or hanging with one of our many, many pets.  Outside of home I love roller skating, paddle boarding, swimming, travel, and food.  I have two kids in college who are way smarter than I am, and a husband of over 25 years who still keeps me laughing.” 

Laurie continues to work in her studio just outside Chicago, IL.

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