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Tim Smith

Back in 1986 Tim was studying electrical engineering. His life took an abrupt turn when by chance he took a pottery lesson…it was love at first pot!  After graduation he continued with a three year ceramics program at Sheridan College then apprenticed with Scott Barnim in Dundas ON. Four years later, when he had started his own studio in a tiny house with three small children, a chance came to purchase another potter’s home near Wiarton. It was perfect timing for now there was room to roam and to grow.

“I love doing what I do. I hope my pots are filled with admirable qualities -- Usefulness, Simplicity, Strength, Humility. I believe that living with objects of utilitarian beauty can enhance the enjoyment of each day. I try to make pots which satisfy that belief. If I had to sum up all the wisdom I know about happiness it would be this:  Be yourself. Celebrate Every Day.”

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