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Just Perfect Design

One glance at Jennifer Nicholson's designs and you'll clearly see she is Inspired by the simplicity of geometric shapes and natural themes.  She creates most of her pieces in sterling silver, literally hand-cutting each one individually with a jeweller’s saw (and allot of blades!) then brushes them with a soft matte line finish.  Select pieces are finished in a bright polish they are “just perfect”.

Jennifer originally pursued a career in Food Science, graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree.  After working several years in the industry, she no longer could ignore the artist in her.  When she took a night class on silver smithing in 2004, she knew that she had found her passion!

Jennifer lives and designs in Millbank, Ontario.

Care Instructions:  If your piece has a satin finish, simply clean by rubbing a white art eraser on the surface. For a deeper clean, scrub gently with baking soda mixed with water on an old toothbrush.  Shiny pieces only require a soft jeweller’s cloth or lens cloth to restore their gleaming finish.

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