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CAT Glass

Cartoons were always part of Catherine’s life. As a child she was fascinated by their simplicity and antics. She would often copy popular cartoons to entertain friends, and eventually created her own characters, in particular, cats.

During her studies in fine art (Catherine graduated from “Cégep du Vieux Montréal” receiving both a Fine Art diploma, 2001, and a Glass Art diploma (Espace Verre) in 2002), these small characters continued to be her first source of inspiration. She wanted to create her characters in three dimension. Catherine chose glass as her medium because of it’s apparent simplicity, brilliance, translucency and colorful nature.  It is a very challenging medium, which Catherine enjoys. Her aim is to create objects that evoke laughter and wonder in order to lighten the heart.

Catherine lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

Care Instructions: Dust with feather/swiffer duster or a soft bristled paintbrush, spray glass cleaner onto paper towel or soft cloth for fingerprints.

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