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Plum and Posey

Adrinna Hardy was born hungry for adventure. As soon as she could, she boarded a plane that took her from her native Canada to Europe, where she stayed for a decade, eager for every experience life could throw at her.  She contentedly spent time in the great museums and antique markets that were around virtually every corner. It was on such outings that she came across her first wax seals - miniature works of art in their own right, full of symbolism and meaning.

An instant attraction birthed a collection of thousands of rare and antique seals that Adrinna now proudly displays in her studio in her  Nova Scotia studio.  When she later trained with a master goldsmith in northern Thailand, Adrinna was finally able to combine her two passions of collecting wax seals and goldsmithing into the beautiful pendants she now creates. While collectors are full of praise, Adrinna is quick to credit the amazing artists of the Georgian and Victorian eras, whose fine craftsmanship help make her work possible. 

Care Instructions: sterling silver pendants and chains are lightly oxidized to emphasize detailing, no polishing needed.  Wearing the pendant frequently will brighten the chain.

Disclaimer: Plum and Posey inc and Adrinna Hardy are not affiliated with Pyrrha design inc.

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