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Stick Man

Stick Man Creations is a joint effort between husband and wife team, Virginia Widen and Edward Strawiak. They started out by selling their handcrafted jewellery on a street corner in Montreal in the summer of 1991. Their whimsical style proved to have broad appeal and they were soon selling their creations at large craft shows, as well as supplying boutiques and galleries across Canada.

The business has intentionally been kept small enough that Virginia and Edward are still the only full time workers. This often means very long hours, but both artists would agree that there is much satisfaction in working with their hands, and in seeing their whimsical designs bring smiles to the faces of all who see them. They are mostly self-taught when it comes to silversmithing, although they both have backgrounds in fine arts. Inspiration comes from the naive drawings of childhood, as well as our strong love of animals and nature, and an appreciation for clean simple lines. Stickman Creations studio is in Montreal, Quebec.

Care Instructions: keep in a plastic bag when not in use, clean using a paste of baking soda and water (rinse thoroughly), rub with a silver polishing cloth

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