Sail Mirror

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A perfect centerpiece for any nautical décor or for those that have a bit of wanderlust. Hard to photograph, this brightly sanded steel frame is silver coloured.   The sturdy frame supports a mirror measuring 15'' x 23''. Mirror edges are polished. Entire mirror frame measures approximately 20'' x 24''. Easy to hang with a single sawtooth hanger at back. 

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A lovely best selling conversation piece by our owners Metallic Evolution.   John and Heather cut the intricate tree design out of 1/8" thick steel for a sturdy frame, welding two angle brackets to the top and bottom to support the glass.  The frame is hung from an easy-to-use sawtooth hanger at the back which also holds the entire frame 1" away from the wall.  We sand the steel tree design to a bright silver colouring, then seal it with a clear rust-resistant resin to protect.   The mirror glass itself has smooth polished edges for a finished look.

We ship all our mirrors with the glass wrapped up separately. This means there is no breakage in shipping.!  Assembly is as easy as sliding the glass into the frame and securing with the spring clips we provide.  This way, if you have an accident and breaks the glass, it is easy to repair. And if you don't want to dust all those crevices with a Q-tip, just slide the mirror out, give it a good cleaning and re-assemble. Easy!

This mirror is made of carbon steel and while the clear-coat finish will protect the steel, we don't recommend it be used in damp locations such as a bathroom. (powder rooms are fine.). Cleaning if needed should be with a damp cloth, not corrosive cleaning fluids.