Reading Glasses: X-Treem

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Not those kind of reading glasses, Silly! These are glasses you have to read... 

Each one of these is a delicious micro puzzle for your brain as you decipher the meaning on each vessel by, (moving from left to right), pronouncing the word fragment and saying the name of the large letter. This one...... "X-Treem" ....

Then there are more layers.  On the opposite side of the glass Michael cycles the word "EARTH" so that is spells Heart, Hearth, Hear, The, Art...and then, hidden somewhere on the glass is another random phrase that you'll find (eventually). 

This 23 ounce stoneware vessel is totally happy in the dishwasher or the microwave, and  good for hot or cold beverages. Pop a spoon in the vessel first if pouring in boiling water, to help prevent thermal shock.

The non-shiny texture on the outside is a process of layering oxides and engobes that leaves the surface feeling like leather in your hand - an especially interesting texture when you are drinking something cold.