Oil Bottle

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This beautiful ceramic oil dispenser  is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, inspired by everything related to the sea and the US east coast. Marie-Joel has long worked with this oatmeal-coloured clay, pairing it with an irregular white glaze. Initially the clay is rough to the touch, but over time softens to a lovely matte texture.  To be used without moderation.  
Approx. 7.5 cm - 3" diameter, 24 cm - 9.5 '' height. Contains about 650 to 675 ml of liquid - 23 oz.

Halfway between traditional styles - by grog clay - and contemporary - by lines, forms - the kitchen and table objects made by Atelier Trema are inspired by everything related to the sea: the East coast, the fishermen, the colours, the effect of salt, sand and sun, and objects found on the shore.  Marie-Joel Turgeon of Atelier Tréma offers handmade unique and practical ceramics, beautiful robust articles to be used in everyday life.  See some of her other work here.