Ocean Cup

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Transparent, shimmering and completely unique.  This ocean-themed cup adds another dimension to enjoying your favorite cold beverage.

Otter hand blows each of these individually so no two are ever alike.  He deliberately makes them 'not-quite-perfect', often shaping them slightly out-of-round or tilted.  The colouring of the glass takes on a yellow tone in bright sunlight, with subtle iridescent blues in shadows.  Otter uses lampworking technique with molten glass to 'paint' underwater detailing on the outside....like a miniature work of art on each cup.  It takes a little imagination, but you can see squid, seaweed, sharks and more, swimming around these sturdy tumblers.

These ocean cups are all approx. 3" to 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" diameter lip.