Vintage Letter Charm

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This sweet little silver necklace holds a letter salvaged from vintage dictionaries, children's books or old text books. The paper is preserved under a glossy coat of resin in a 1/4" bezel, and hangs from a 16" or 18" ball chain.  The bezel and chain are both sterling silver that has been oxidized. Frequent use will brighten the silver.  Approximate 5/8" diameter.

These necklaces are water's okay to expose them to an occasional dash through a rainstorm!   However, repeated exposure to very wet conditions may cause damage.

Update: We sadly are not able to order in more of this design...when the're gone, the're gone!

Betsy Carr - Designer and Maker
Hi! I'm Betsy. I'm a metalsmith and mixed media artist. I love happy feelings, the smell that wafts up from the pages of old books and things that exist for beauty's sake.