Large Mug by Kai

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Wrap your hands around one of these beauties! Kai Eichenbaum is an experienced potter who has developed a recognizable signature style.  Silky smooth glazes over highly textured clay (even the bottom inside of the mug is embossed!) and a hand-build design show her individual attention to each piece.  Most mugs have a bit of a 'pinch point', making them so easy to cradle in your hands.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand wash recommended.
Approx.  3 " diameter, 4 1/2" - 5"tall, 12 oz fill

Kai hand-builds her pottery from clay slabs, rather than working on a potter's wheel.  She impresses each piece with stamps of her own design.  Natural textures and patterns in fabrics are a constant inspiration.  The pottery is glazed, then fired in either a gas or electric kiln. 
Kai has been creating with clay for almost 25 years and enjoys teaching pottery classes at Burlington's Senior Centre.  She works out of her ceramic studio in a historic former factory building in Hamilton, ON.