Glass Egg

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Thomas Von Koch, WGK Glass

In 1982, 25-year-old Thomas von Koch optimistically began his shop, with little knowledge of business. Initially he made small glassware items such as vases and candle holders. In 2001 he joined forces with a couple of other creatives, forming WGK Glass Art. Their goal was to create exceptional glass pieces for a wide spectrum of glass collectors and glass art lovers. Today a small team of talented glass blowers produce the intricate designs that he developed.  

Thomas is ever inspired by the nature from his childhood summers spent in Austria with his father. The exceptional craftsmanship and the wonderful details in this work make the pieces of this collection some of the most desirable in the glass world.

Each glass egg is individually crafted with gorgeous detail.  Approx. 2 1/4" diameter, 3" long.  Includes a length of clear filament line to suspend from a window frame.