Egg on Legs

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And egg on legs? Steven's humour is captured in this small sculpture...and it is the perfect accompaniment for the chick-on-legs!  Even on it's own, what a delightful bit of whimsy to add to your desktop, coffee table or bookshelf.  

This piece has been made as one unit.  The delicate wire legs securely hold the egg onto it's sturdy heavy base. Steven creates his sculptures from press-molded, high fired clay, then embellishes them with hand-painted detailing. The egg itself is life-sized, and on legs with the base, stands approximately 5 1/4" tall.  The solid base is 3" x 3" with felt pads underneath to protect your surfaces.

Check here to see if we still have the matching chick in stock or let us know if you'd like to special order it.