Ciccarelli Mugs

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Kristen creates each of her mugs from a slab of porcelain clay, forming the shape by hand rather than using a potter's wheel.  She carves the design into the piece before glazing.  White mugs have a smooth glaze inside and out, the grey contour mug design has a matte finish on the lower black portion. The Hawthorn mug is blue inside and the designs wraps around all sides. The Leaf and Feather motifs are just on one side as pictured.

Hand wash recommended. Prevent thermo shock by pouring boiling water onto a spoon in the mug rather than directly into mug.

Approx.  5 1/4"tall,  2 1/2" diameter at the bottom tapering to 3 1/2" at the top.  

Kristen Ciccarelli of Kitchener, ON is inspired by memories of alluring forests of her childhood.  She now carves those forests into clay.  Her pieces are constructed of thin slabs of clay, giving them a delicate, paper-like appearance. As an illustrator, Kristen’s pallet is mainly black and white, much like charcoal on paper.