Triangular Pinch Bowl

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Perfect for sauces or dips, or as a small storage compartment or ring dish, this small cup has several uses.  The triangular shape and playful floral decorations add a unique timeless charm to this versatile bowl. Each piece is hand decorated with charming floral decor and designed for everyday use. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Design may not be exactly as pictured.

Approx. Diameter: 3.4 "- 85 mm. Height: 1.4 " - 35 mm. 

Trained in industrial design, ergonomics, and ceramics, Michèle Lavallée's ceramics testify to her love for nature and watercolor. Her practice is focused on tableware where each piece decorated by hand is designed for everyday use. It is important for Michèle to create pieces that are at the same time aesthetic, durable and of quality, which reflect her interest in beautiful things that are well designed and handmade.