Stacked Glass Tower

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This colorful tower is made with individual pieces of handblown glass. Skytree Smith creates these brightly coloured glass sections one at a time, giving each one it's own unique character.  The support is a sturdy steel stand with support base to keep it upright and stable in an outdoor setting.  The glass elements are all hollow, allowing them to be threaded onto the stand. Stainless steel spacers add to the sleek look.

This piece can be left outdoors year around. As the glass is all hollow, with nowhere that water could collect (and freeze in cold weather) this tower will look especially dramatic in a winter garden.   If you prefer to use indoors, talk to us about customizing the stand so that it can be self-supporting on the floor.

This tower stands approx. 70" tall with an additional 10" spike into the ground. the flat glass rondels are 7" - 8" in diameter.  NOTE: Due to it's height, this tower is only available for pickup at our studio, no eligible for shipping.