Siamese Cat Glass Pendant

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This ultra smooth fused glass pendant is waterproof and made to last many years. Leila creates prints on special paper which burns away in the kiln, allowing the image, made up of mostly metal oxide, to fuse to the glass.  The necklace can be ordered with a cotton cord or chain. The rectangular pendant is approx. 5/8" wide x 1".  Caramel colored glass fused over a jade green background.

Leila is a Canadian artist, splitting her time between Montreal and Toronto. She is the sole designer and creator of this collection of pendants.  Each piece is hand crafted in several steps over several days. It begins with a photo in her camera or computer and sheets of colored glass.  The pendant is repeatedly kiln-fired and crafted in a series of steps -  shaping, fusing and polishing, finally drilled and ground/sanded as needed to complete.  Leila even assembles each of the neck cords or chains, designing them to keep the clasp at the back, pendant at the front. The cords are made with high quality Japanese waxed cotton. Chain parts and clasps are metal alloy. Exact design details may vary slightly from this image.

Care Instructions:   The cotton cord necklaces can get wet, but may shrink up to 1".  The glass pieces are quite sturdy, but it is glass - best not to drop them on a hard floor!  Clean with a non-abrasive cloth or method.