Ocean Cordial Glass

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Transparent, shimmering and completely unique.  This ocean-themed glass adds another dimension to enjoying your favorite beverage. Look closely and you'll see tropical fish, squid, sea horses, turtles and more.

Otter hand blows each of these individually so no two are ever alike.  He deliberately makes them 'not-quite-perfect', often shaping them slightly out-of-round or tilted.  The colouring of the glass takes on a yellow tone in bright sunlight, with subtle iridescent blues in shadows.  Otter uses lampworking technique with molten glass to 'paint' underwater detailing on the outside....like a miniature work of art on each cup.

Each of these small, sturdy glasses averages 5"tall x 2" diameter, though every one varies a a little. That is what makes them so special!

Note: we've photographed some of these designs with a black background and white, to show how the coloring varies, depending on the setting.