Mishima Round Mug

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An amazing big stoneware round mug using the Mishima engraving technique.   Mishima is a technique of embedding slip, underglaze, or even contrasting clay into the main clay body of the piece of pottery. This technique creates extremely fine and intricate design work with hard, sharp edges that are difficult to reliably replicate in any other way. A unique piece. 
Approx. Diameter: 4 " - 10 cm. Height: 3.5 " - 9 cm. Holds 19 oz. - 550 ml.
Actual mug may vary slightly from this image.

It is the relationship between man and matter that is at the heart of Ariane Boudreault-Lambert's practice. It seeks to create pieces that we want to adopt as soon as we see them. Pieces that will enrich every moment of everyday life. Parts that from the first look will have carved a place in the palm of our hand or our home.