Metal Flower Stand for glass spike

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We create this stylized steel flower here at Styll in our metal studio.  It has been designed to support the colourful glass spikes that Skytree Smith creates.  This piece is sold separately from the glass. To purchase a stand with glass, first add this stand to your shopping cart, then click here to pick the glass spike of your choice.  These glass spikes are hollow, perfectly suited to easily slip onto the central rod in this steel flower stand. The stylized flower petals and curved rods surround the spike, but do not touch it. The sturdy vertical stem has a cross brace at soil level, making it easy to push into the ground and keep the stem standing upright.  Because they are delicate, we recommend bringing in the glass itself during winter months or in stormy weather. The metal flower stand can stay outdoors year around.  It's natural rust finish is maintenance-free and will naturally weather and darken over the years.

This stand, once pushed into the ground, is approx. 40" tall and 7" wide. The glass spikes themselves are all approx 11" - 16" long. 

Note: because of the height, these stands are only available for pickup at our store, not eligible for shipping.  The glass itself can be purchased/shipped, and includes a steel rod to support it in the garden or in a flower pot.