Hall Table

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This is a small table with a great design.  John mills his own live-edge lumber to create this piece, carefully air drying the wood to bring the moisture down slowly.  The legs are constructed of an oval  steel tube, closed at the bottom so you can add felt or hard glides, depending on your type of flooring.  The steel has been left to rust then sealed with a clear finish for a dark brown rustic look. Three legs means this  piece will always sit level on your floors.  The wood top is what makes the design, and also determines the overall size. While this table is always 28" tall, the wood top width and length will vary. 24" - 34" x 7" -10" is an average, but please contact us for images of current stock.  Here are some images of tables we have made in the past.

Note:  we do not always have one of these tables on hand.  Turn around time for an order is typically 2 - 4 weeks.  Please let us know if you are only interested in what is on-hand.

Need it shipped?  The design allows the table to be disassembled so the whole thing packs flat for shipping. Just a few screws and it's all back together again.