Garden Hook, double

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This double hook stand will add interest to your outdoor space, while fulfilling a very functional purpose.  We use ours to hang a pair of bird feeders, but the sturdy hooks can just as easily suspend two hanging baskets of flowers.  The stand is made of 3/8" round steel rod, and embellished with hand cut/formed flowers and trailing vines.   The hooks are welded at 90 degrees to each other, making this stand well suited for a tight corner space. The base features a triangle support with three 10" spikes that push easily into the ground.

No need to bring this piece inside for the winter. The natural rust finish is perfectly suited for used outdoors year around.  Due to the size, this item is not eligible for shipping.

When installed, this stand is approx. 6 1/2' tall  from ground level, 28" wide x 18"deep (Bird houses not included.)