Digital Gift Card

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Digital Gift Card

To order a digital gift card, do not "add to cart".  Instead, click on the link below to go directly to payment window. You can select from from 40 designs including our Styll logo card and enter any dollar amount for your gift.   If you enter the recipient's email address, the card will be emailed directly to them (or, if you prefer to send it to them at a later date, enter your email address in both fields, recipient and buyer). The recipient will be able to redeem it easily online or in store, and you both can check the balance of the card any time while it is active.   

Note: our USA customers sometimes encounter difficulty entering their billing zip code. In this case, just enter five zeros 00000 to complete the purchase.

Order your DIGITAL GIFT CARD here.

Please email us or call 866-419-5130 if you have questions