Cardinal, lg

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Clearly the artist here has a sense of humour....his love of fun and loose style drawing comes out in this playful collection of creatures.  JP hand cuts his designs with a plasma cutter in recycled steel, often with the original paint still on it. The result is a loose creative look, and no two pieces are ever alike. 

Each piece of 'Dog Bite Steel' art has been painted then sealed with a clear coat to protect from further rusting. If this piece is left outdoors, we recommend re-coating with clear Tremclad spray paint to continue to protect the design's paint. If not, the paint will gradually weather and become more rusty over time.  Which is fine too!

This Cardinal is approximately 10" tall x 16" wide. It stands on a stable base, which can also be screwed to any surface outdoors (or in!).  The piece has been painted on both sides so can be viewed from either side.  Colouring may vary slightly from this image.