Candle, large Red

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Barrick Candles come in a rainbow of colors and various sizes. The image shows the three heights for this style - 5 1/2", 6 1/2" and 7 1/2" tall, and all are 3 3/4" diameter at the widest.  We sell them individually so you can pick your favorite size or purchase the grouping.

These candles make a beautiful centerpiece, but they are actually meant to be used and enjoyed.  While there really is no such thing as a 100% drip-less candle, Barrick Candles are very good at resisting dripping as long as you keep them out of a draft.  Rick uses a blend of very high-grade paraffin waxes.  This means they will stand up to relatively high temperatures without slumping, they burn cleanly and for a very long time.  The wicks used are cotton and natural fibers without any metal, and the wax is unscented. 

When burning a set of candles, separate each candle in the group by several inches.  This will prevent the heat from a lower candle affecting the burning of the others. These candles burn very clean, but if you do notice any smoke, just trim the wick for a shorter flame.  Be sure to use the candles on a sturdy and fireproof surface or holder. They may squeeze into some standard pillar candle holders. We offer a design that is sized just right for them.  Click for details.

Burn Time: minimum 60 hours for 5 1/2" height . In our testing, they actually burn much longer!