Butter the Dog

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Butter doesn't miss anything.  Those (mechanical) eyes take it all in, and her glossy ears capture every sound.  Butter will be happiest if you give her a place on the wall closest to where you spend the most time.  She'll watch out for you and you can tell her anything.

Peggy Sue creates each of her clay pieces as one of a kind sculptures.  Butter's face is a matte texture with glossy finished ears.  While there are always mechanical elements built into these characters, their lively personalities are anything but mechanical.   Butter can be hung up from two openings in the back, either from two screws in the wall or from a sturdy wire looped between the holes.

To the outermost points, this piece measures approximately 8" wide x 8" tall x 6 1/2" out from the wall. The actual head is 6" wide by 7" tall.