Botanical Wall Sculpture

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Stÿll owners Heather and John make this series of floral wall sculpture out of steel.  The frames are created from 3/4" steel welded on edge,  then the flower elements are added, some with a heat-darkened blue/grey finish.  A single mounting point is welded at the top. This piece is not heavy, so easy to hang from a screw and drywall plug.

The metal has been sealed with a clear, rust-resistant finish.  Not designed for use in damp areas or outdoors.  As each one is hand crafted, there will be slight variations in design.  Picture a single piece on a smaller wall, or a grouping to fill a larger area.

Approx. 10" x 30" to the outermost points.  Note: no stock is showing, we will make this to order, available in approximately 2 weeks.