Rock Dock

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Arra is the mastermind behind Sea Stones' well thought-out products.  Like the rest of their work, this natural stone charging stand is simple in appearance, but precisely designed.

Rock Dock is the ultimate home for your phone, handsome and heavy enough to easily dock and connect it to the provided cable with one hand. It keeps your phone upright and accessible, so you never miss a notification and can comfortably text, email, and make calls as your phone recharges.

Soft feet on bottom protect your surfaces. Handmade from reclaimed granite, a hand-collected smooth beach stone, and a brushed aluminum rod, each Rock Dock comes with a lifetime warranty, including the cable. Each cable is replaceable allowing Rock Dock to serve you for many phones to come.

  • Easily dock and charge with one hand
  • Arrives fully assembled and ready to plug into any USB port
  • Lifetime warranty including cable changes
  • Soft feet protect surfaces
  • Made from a smooth beach stone and reclaimed granite (stone colouring will not be exactly as shown)
  • Base measures approx. 4" x 6" x 1" thick

(phone not included)