Mighty Coasters with caddy

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These reclaimed granite Mighty Coasters are handmade with a special process that both smooths and finishes each one. Their unprecedented thickness ensures these colossal Coasters make a beautiful pedestal for your beverage and will never stick to your glass.  Sold in a set of 4 coasters in assorted granite colours.  The caddy is made of solid hardwood and brushed aluminum, making it easy to move and store coasters when not in use.

  • Distinctive granite colors identify drinks.
  • Granite protects from condensation and padded bottoms protect surfaces.
  • Natural thermodynamic properties of granite keep drinks cool while you sip.
  • Freeze Coaster Set for at least 30 minutes.
  • Store in freezer for next time.

Granite and stone color will vary and may not be as shown