Bottle Stopper

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Of all the designs he has developed, this is one of Arra’s favorites.  It  combines his love of nature (i.e. hours spent hand-gathering stones from the shoreline*) and simple yet precise design. These handsome stoppers preserve your favorite wines and gourmet oils. Each smooth, ergonomic bottle stopper has a stainless steel body completely immune to wine’s acidic qualities and a durable rubber plug that forms an airtight seal to keep contents fresh (we've seen Arra plug an open wine bottle then turn it upside down!)

Each creation is perched on its own wooden base, transforming the practical topper into a miniature sculpture that adds a touch of natural personality to your table or counter top. What a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer!

Stone color will vary and may not be as shown.

* a little trivia about this company ...."when we collect a stone, we want to make sure there will always be a replacement for future gatherers. So we purchase stones from a quarry, and for each stone we harvest, we ‘plant’ a new stone in the water. Over the years, the water tumbles the rough ‘seed’ into a smooth, rounded stone."