Pelican I

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You don't have to be anywhere near the shore to enjoy this sculpture.  This original piece was created by Heather Zondervan right here in our on-site metal studio.  On these one-of-a-kind pieces, Heather works without patterns, cutting, grinding, hammering and welding as needed, to form the sculpture. This 'unplanned' technique gives a lively dynamic to the overall form, and a unique personality to every one.

The Pelican is made of untreated steel, and left to form a dark rust patina.  He (or she!) will happily live outdoors year around, with no maintenance required.  The webbed feet are broad enough to make it free-standing, but mounting holes allow it to be secured to a base such as a flagstone, deck, stump etc.

Measures approximately 31" tall, x 36" long x 12" wide. We can ship this sculpture just about anywhere - please contact us with the delivery address for a shipping quote.