Electric Chicken, lg

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Kinetic sculpture with a quirky twist - this has been Mark's preferred style of creativity in many of his sculptural pieces. While the designs appear simplistic, it actually takes a great deal of skill to balance the elements and design just so. Mark cuts out the character out of solid steel and welds it onto a weight he creates with concrete cast into a metal ring. The stand is a separate unit with a heavy concrete base.  With a little breeze or gentle nudge, this character will rock back and forth.  

Mark's quirky Electric Chicken sculpture stands approximately 43" tall on it's stand. The character itself is 10" x 16".  The piece is made of steel with a solid concrete weight and base.  

This sculptural piece has been deliberately 'pre-weathered' then sealed with an oil to protect. If used outdoors, the paint will gradually fade and more rust will develop.  Spraying the piece with a clear coat (such as Tremclad or Rustoleum)  will slow this process.  We recommend storing indoors for the winter to extend the life of the concrete.