Eiffel Man, large

Eiffel Man, large

Mark Clark

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Kinetic sculpture with a quirky twist - this has been Mark's preferred style of creativity in many of his sculptural pieces. While the designs appear simplistic, it actually takes a great deal of skill to balance the elements and design just so.  Particularly challenging when using the recycled materials he puts in is pieces. 

Mark's quirky orange Eiffel Man sculpture is approximately 48" tall on it's stand, from the bottom to the top of the flower. The figure itself is  24"T x 5"W.

This sculptural piece has been deliberately 'pre-weathered' then sealed with an oil to protect. If installed outdoors, the paint will gradually fade and more rust will develop.  Spraying the piece with a clear coat (such as Tremclad or Rustoleum)  will slow this process.  

Steel and Concrete